Reloading Equipment

I started out reloading on a Dillon 550. I loaded about 20,000 rounds of 9mm and 45ACP on that machine. I was happy with the performance, but it took some time to get the ammo loaded. After using the 550 for about a year a good friend of mine and fellow reloader asked me if I was interested in one of his 650s. I jumped at the chance. I sent it to Dillon for a rebuild. After I got it back I had it setup for 9mm and 40S&W. Shortly after I got the 650 I started shooting Limited with my STI.

I still use the 650 to load my 9mm Major for my Open gun. All the ammunition we sell at Everglades Ammo is produced on Camdex and Ammoload commercial equipment. We use a Camdex Case Processor that full length re-sizes the cases before they are reloaded. It also checks for cracked and Berdan primed cases. Our Ammoload machine is setup for 9mm. We load Hogdon powder over CCI primers with round nose jacketed bullets. We chronograph out of a Glock 17. The ammunition make ~132 power factor and is great for the Production Division in USPSA or general plinking.

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